Thursday, May 6, 2010

About Scrapbooking Scissors

You can call them scrapbooking scissors, fancy scissors, corner edgers, decorative scissors or paper edging scissors they are by far the easiest and cheapest way cut in patterns in paper, or other materials, instead of the standard straight line cut. The results are endless and as your work develops you can create amazing scrapbooking pages. The scrapbooking scissors are a low cost item to own so having many different types is possible.

Scrapbooking has had many trends and today many people view scrapbooking scissors as a past trend, preferring now to the more expensive options such as punches and die cutting machines. However scrapbooking scissors are more popular item than people will admit and are also quite commonly used for card making or children's craft projects. Some of the more popular patterns for decorative edge scissors include Sunflower, Pinking, Scallop, Cloud and Victorian just to name a few.

So you can enjoy using decorative scissors on your layouts; don't let fears about not having a trendy scrapbook page keep you from expressing your creativity. The key to success in scrapbooking is to create pages that you enjoy and made by your own hands. The same way that the memories where made by you. As long as you're happy with the end result.

To get you started here a few tips to follow before you start. These are some of the easier mistakes that can be avoided;

  1. Using one or two scissor patterns per page... it's very easy to overdo it.
  2. Use a copy of any photos as test subject before cutting the original photo.
  3. You need to line up the blade after each cut in order to avoid a break in the pattern,
  4. Be patient and slow down. (You cannot go as fast as you would with regular scissors.)
  5. If you're having trouble lining up nicely...again use a test piece for practice.

So no matter what you call your scrapbooking scissors they all add a decorative edge to any paper craft. All of them are easy to use and inexpensive. So go on a collect a few different patterns to increase you creative skills.

Happy scrapping

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