Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The best Craft Scissors Part 2

Today I have the second and final part in "What is the best craft scissors?"

There is only two main brands to choose from the Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors by Tim Holtz manufactured by Tonic Studios and the Cutter Bee Scissors Precision-Cut Scissors.

These are the most reviewed craft scissors on the planet an rightly so as they are great products. Having a set of quality, durable and balanced scissors will improve your craft projects.   I'll start with the Tim Holts Scissors because they are truly legendary!!! These Micro-Serrated Scissors come with a soft grip handle and feature an over-sized design that leaves more room for the hands.  They feature a nonstick coating on the blades and you well appreciate how easily the nonstick cleans up after sticky jobs by cutting papers coated with adhesive, glitter glues and others.

In every day use, the micro-serrated scissors is extremely sharp - so don't let them get near the kids. The fine tip is designed cutting finer designs while the longer section of the bade features the micro-serrated edge.  The handles are large enough to fit almost your whole hand in one side so that you don’t have to cut using just one or two fingers. This really is noticeable when cutting thicker materials such as thick paper board.

These scissors are however a bit larger than you might expect and can be a little difficult to use on detail cutting until you get use to using them but after a few basic cuts you'll be amaze at how well this scissors design shines. They come with a protective plastic cap for safe storage and overall, this is a excellent craft scissor that will not let you down...

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