Thursday, April 28, 2011

Designer cuts from Decorative edge scissors

Scrapbooking Scissors

While Decorative Craft Scissors are not new to the world of Scrapbooking or Cardmaking, they can be a good old standby for a quick and easy embellishment. All of the Decorative Craft Scissors come with their cutting pattern design printed on the side of the blade.

Here are some examples you can create from one type of Decorative Edge Scissors.

Designer cut 1 - You can do a one-time cut across the edge of piece of paper for a simple design. For the second design just turn the scissors over or use the off-cut side.

Designer cut  2 – The next is plain parallel cuts with the design of the blade in the same position maintaining the same distance from the first cut. The second design is the same with the the scissors turned over.

Designer cut 3 - Next you can do a mirror edge, by cutting the paper in a parallel cut, but turning the paper over or upside down so the outside of the blade faces the opposite of it’s first cut, turn the scissors over.

Designer cut 4 - You can add to this by offsetting the second cut from the first cut to achieve an even different effect.  This requires a bit of practice to do effectively.

Designer cut 5 – Finally you can develop some combination of  edge cuts and some plain punches to add a this nice effect, such as this example.

All of these designer patterns add a special touch to your layouts whether it is for matting your photos or to cut our journalling books.  So please have a try the next time you need a special pattern and remember if you’re having trouble getting the pattern to line up nicely ! First try practicing by cutting on some scrap paper .  Never use your good sheet of paper first!  Decorative edge scissor are easy to use and inexpensive. So go on a collect all the patterns to increase you creative skills by making some of these cuts.

Happy cutting

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